Kenya Foy
February 01, 2017 10:11 am
Viral Hog /

Can we get a certified animal behaviorist on the line, stat? We have questions that need answers after watching Viral Hog‘s video of two goats with their heads stuck in a jar — the SAME jar. As much as we love animals and will always find a way to justify their strange habits as cute or adorable, we simply cannot stop there with these two goats because they have us thoroughly confused.

Somehow we understand this elephant that used a fart to get revenge, and we relate to this dog that think its a bobblehead IRL on a spiritual level, but this crazy goat interaction/idea of a good time/goat game-gone-bad is going to take some serious dissection for us to truly understand.

Honestly, if we rented these goats from Amazon (which can totally happen, BTW), we’d have to follow up with the owner because something about this scenario just isn’t right.

via giphy

Same, hoodie-wearing bro. Same.

So, imagine taking a casual stroll down the street and stumbling upon a black-and-brown spotted goat and its white-haired companion doing a strange sort of synced-up goat dance because neither of them can see out of the jar that currently houses their heads.

It might look something like this.

JSMDH. If these goats could, they would probably shake their own heads at their clumsiness. But don’t worry, goats! We still have a ton of love for you and your goofy antics, even if we have no feasible explanation for your odd behavior.