Many of us use Google Hangouts to distract ourselves during the workday or stay in touch with friends, but for two girls in Fresno, California, the app literally helped stop a crime.

The two girls, who are 8 and 14 but have not been named by the police, were hanging out when they spotted someone in their backyard. They thought fast and hid in the bathroom just in time — the man they saw soon broke into the house through a rear window.

Once inside, Jose Carlos Palomares took clothes, a tablet and $400 in cash, shoving in into his backpack. Meanwhile, the two girls were still in the bathroom, but they weren’t just waiting for him to leave. Instead, they used Google Hangouts to get in touch with their dad’s girlfriend, letting her know what was going on. She immediately got in touch with the police, and they had arrived before Palomares could even get out of the house.

“They are fine, they are both fine,” their dad told local news station KGO. “They did the right thing. They locked themselves into the bathroom. They are good girls.

“It’s a scary situation. We were just talking about getting a dog last weekend, I guess we will be doing that today.”

Way to think on your feet, girls! And we’re glad you’re safe!

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