Anna Gragert
Updated Mar 24, 2016 @ 11:22 am
Credit: Shutterstock

Twitter is currently testing out a new feature. It involves stickers. And it also seems very… familiar.

According to Re/code, Twitter has given a few users (like @XBLFoxes) the opportunity to try out a new component that will, if universally released, allow us all to edit our photos with stickers. A company spokesperson explained, “We’re always researching potential new ways to make Twitter more expressive.” That would explain why the platform gave celebs the chance to do something similar with the Twitter Camera app.


What’s perhaps most interesting is that Twitter’s new feature will allow you to “see how other users from around the world have edited the same photo” and will “suggest photos that you can edit and post to participate in trending conversations and breaking news.” How exactly do they plan on doing that? No idea. Maybe they will separate the stickers or photos into categories, making it easier for users to edit their photos according to what’s trending.

Twitter is also working on a unique name for this sticker-based feature. Thus far, they’ve brainstormed titles such as: Taptags, Stickits, and Stamptags. “Stickers” seems to be the top choice as of right now and we have to agree – that one’s definitely the best. (I mean, what exactly is a Stamptag? It sounds like a mythical creature of some sort.)


Based on what we know thus far, we get the feeling that Twitter is trying to compete with other social media platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat. These days, it seems that many companies are working to incorporate visual media and customization into their products. For instance, Facebook now allows us to decorate our snapshots with stickers. Plus, on Snapchat, you can do the same with emojis.

Now, it seems that Twitter is trying to up their photo game and, honestly, if it involves stickers: We are obviously on board.