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This Easter, people everywhere have to decide whether to participate in Easter Egg hunts or not. While some, without doubt, will skip the occasion, others see it as an event that cannot be missed. That’s why Twitter asks, are you ever too old for an Easter Egg hunt?

First of all, know that if anyone gives you flack for wanting to participate they are just haters. In today’s economy and with student loan debt pilling up — we’ll take free things where we can get them, thank you very much. Even at Easter Egg hunts.

And it looks like a majority of Twitter users agree! No matter one’s age, you should be able to participate in the joyous occasion of looking for eggs around the house.

Plus, we can’t make mom and dad sad.

Also, adults can hunt whatever they want for Easter.

Obviously, it is very important to pace yourself. Just because you are an adult and are able to locate “eggs” quickly, doesn’t mean you have to drink that fast as well. If you don’t spread the alcohol out through the day, you might end up in the family pool.

Or as we call it, hardcore egg hunting.


So give your adult siblings and cousins the good news and get out there!

Because you are NEVER too old for an Easter Egg hunt.