Briana Hansen
Updated June 11, 2016 7:34 am

Sometimes, you know you want to see a movie just from the poster. The picture is worth a thousand words and one perfectly crafted phrase can tell you everything you need to know about the movie’s story.

Well, it turns out there’s actually one tagline that you can insert into any movie poster that will work for anything. At least that’s what Cullen Crawford discovered when he tweeted: false

At first glance, “Give Daddy his medicine” does seem like it could be interpreted generally enough that maybe it would work in a few cases. But Cullen encouraged people to try it, and they proved that it’s actually a brilliant (and also absolutely hilarious) discovery. And while it’s fun to think about how many of your favorite movies that phrase can work with, there’s nothing like seeing it in action in these expertly photoshopped movie posters on Twitter.

An obvious place to start is of course with a movie with “father” in the title like The Godfather. false

And there’s no denying there are some serious daddy issues throughout the Star Wars series, so that also seems like a perfect fit. false

But that’s not the only SciFi movie it fits in. In fact, even in the futuristic world of robots, daddy still needs his medicine. false

It works on Oscar-award winning movies (maybe even too well) like Dallas Buyer’s Club. false

And it also works on family classics like Homeward Bound. false

The phrase even has crossover power since it works equally well with love stories and horror films. false false

It also hilariously sums up the latest conflict in the Marvel universe. false

It can even apply perfectly to popular TV shows. false

Plus, as a bonus, it can be customized when needed. false

This might be the greatest word discovery since the emergence of emojis, and we bow down to the mastermind Cullen Crawford who discovered it and the creative geniuses on the internet who proved its awesomeness.