All those times you had to write and rewrite and rewrite Tweets to get yourself under that super-duper-tight 140 character limit may be a thing of the past: Twitter is developing a new product that will let you blow right past that 140 limit and keep going.

Re/code reports that while it’s still unclear what the new change will look like, you will definitely be able to go long on Twitter in the future without screen-grabbing your longer-than-140-character thought on Notepad (shout out to the iPhone!) or using a second party application like a Tweet Extender.

This is great news as hashtags get longer and more involved (#EmpireSeason2CookieForever!) and we try to stay a part of the broader conversation while expressing ourselves.

Insiders also say that the geniuses behind Twitter are in discussions about changing what impacts the character count by removing links and usernames from your 140 limit so you can Tweet a link to your recap of The Mindy Project with a tag to Mindy Kaling herself in hopes she’ll RT you and still have your 140 characters to tease it to the world. Hallelujah!

Here’s the question of the day: would you want Twitter to remove its character count entirely, like Facebook, or keep some kind of cap on it so things aren’t out-of-control-long? Or perhaps the super longform Tweet should be for power users only, so we can get Amy Schumer’s full speech text at the next Glamour awards but less so from your lovely but verbose friend who has a lot to say about a new pizza recipe. Just some food (ha!) for thought.

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