Identical twins, Alicia and Alicen Kennedy, went to the DMV yesterday, ready to get their driver’s permits in Augusta, Georgia. While most teens fret over passing the written test required to get the permit, Alicia and Alicen faced a rather unique problem: The computer couldn’t tell them apart. Because of this crazy glitch, the girls were sent away from the DMV and are now waiting to hear if the problem is being fixed.

According to WBJF, the DMV’s face-detection software is meant to prevent people from obtaining fake ID’s. Since Alicia and Alicen’s faces are so similar, the system assumed that foul play was involved. Silly computer. “I was listening to her conversation with the person on the phone and it said that one of us popped up as a fraud,” Alicen told the news station.

‘The other lady came back and said that when we were taking our pictures it was picking up as saying that we were one person instead of two different people,’ Alicia said.

Obviously, our first question is, why can’t the humans of the DMV override the computer? They can clearly see with their own, non-computer eyes that there are two Kennedy sisters applying for their permits. “We don’t look exactly alike so you would think the computer would pick up somewhat of a difference,” Alicia said, “but it can’t tell us apart … I want my permit, I don’t want to wait a whole other year.”

No kidding! These two should not be missing out, just because they are twins. Hopefully, the DMV teaches their computer system to mind its manners ASAP.

I mean, it’s like those DMV employees have never even seen The Parent Trap. Or Sister, Sister. Or every single Mary-Kate and Ashley movie. Sheesh! Get with the program.

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