Bridey Heing
Updated Jul 21, 2015 @ 7:19 am

Back in May, we were all blown away by Taylor Hatala and Larsen Thompson’s amazing dancing to Big Sean’s “IDFWU“. And before that, the teen duo dropped an incredible routine to “Anaconda.” At 11 and 14, these girls have more swagger than we could ever channel. Today, they are back at it with a boardroom breakdown we kind of all need on this Tuesday morning.

Like previous videos, their latest is directed by Tim Milgram and choreographed by Janelle Ginestra. But in this one, they are taking on a work that speaks to our very souls: “Run The World” by Beyonce. The answer to the question of who, exactly runs the world is clearly Taylor and Larsen, as they serve some seriously awesome synchronized moves.

They may be young, but the girls own the boardroom. We’re loving the women in business theme, and the totally intense take-no-prisoners attitude the girls are channeling. These self-proclaimed “fraternal twins” are total #bosses, without a doubt!

(Image via Youtube)