Halloween is one of the most fun-filled and exciting holidays of the year. You and your friends spend days, maybe even weeks, brainstorming the perfect group costume to wear at an upcoming Halloween party. It has to be topical, but creative enough so that nobody else will be wearing the same costumes. It has to be a perfectly timed reference — nostalgic, but not old news, but not so recent that there is chance that other partygoers won’t recognize it. Halloween requires serious contemplation when it comes to the coordinated costume game.

(Giving Eleven and Barb from Stranger Things a run for their money…)

Katie Stauffer has gifted the internet with photographs of her twin daughters, Emma and Mila, dressed in some of the cutest duo costumes you’ll ever see.

The two girls were actually born on Halloween (and will be turning two at the end of this month), so perhaps that’s why they are such naturals in their costumes.

(lololol the Donald spray tan.)

Stauffer’s Instagram features even more precious duo costumes modeled by these unbearably cute twins, so definitely take a look and get some Halloween inspo for your own life!