Emily Baines
April 25, 2016 4:49 am

Well, we don’t know about you guys, but last night’s Game of Thrones filled us with tons of excitement — and plenty of questions to boot. And it looks like we weren’t the only ones. (What is with the Red Woman?!) Below are some of our favorite tweets that hilariously sum up how we felt about the season six premiere of Game of Thrones!

This one had some of us literally LOLing:

Now here’s a mashup we’d be interested in watching:

How could we not include a tweet that features two of our favorite things: Game of Thrones and kitties?

Even celebrities shared their surprise:

Mic dropped.

Nikki Glaser makes a solid point:

Who doesn’t enjoy a good Lord of the Rings reference?

We all felt this way. And now we want to cry all over again.

We loved the return of Ghost (even if the reason was a total bummer)!

Anna Kendrick is right. It’s all about the ladies now on Game of Thrones. Question: Are Sansa and Brienne of Tarth the new power couple?