Another character on ‘TWD’ you need to be very, very worried about

The Walking Dead might not return for another month, but you should go ahead and start bracing yourself for the worst. If you thought things couldn’t get any more crazy insane for Rick and the gang, think again. They’re about to meet some of the baddest characters from The Walking Dead comics, and no one is safe.

As previously announced, Jeffrey Dean Morgan will play Negan, and he’s all bad news. Now, Xander Berkeley (from 24) will join the cast, too. His involvement with the show was first announced last fall, but his character has only now been made public. He’s going to play Gregory. Spoilers ahead, because just like how Glenn has to watch his back around Negan, Maggie will need to be on the lookout for Gregory.

In The Walking Dead comics, Gregory is described as the self-absorbed, and also quite cowardly, former leader of Hilltop Colony, where Rick and everyone else will soon find themselves. Rick and Gregory try to work together, but Gregory’s too sleazy to bargain —  and keep up his end of the bargain — with anyone. Gregory also takes a liking to Maggie, and she wants absolutely nothing to do with him. What ends up happenig is too big to even spoil, but know that ultimately she’s going to be his undoing.

There’s no word yet as to when Gregory will show up for the first time, but he’s slated to make an appearance before the end of Season 6. The second half of Season 6 picks back up on February 14, and it’s going to be an awesome way to spend Valentine’s Day.

(Image via AMC.)