Credit: NBC

Everyone else might still be geeking out (or freaking out) over the latest Ghostbusters movie trailer, but we’re just sitting over here crying our eyes out over what’s soon-to-be your newest TV obsession. There is one TV trailer that is blowing up the internet for all the right reasons that you NEED to watch right now.

This Is Us is coming to NBC this fall and after watching the TV trailer, you’ll be wondering if it is fall yet, because it is so good. Seriously the trailer already has over 32 million views in three days, which might not sound like an overwhelming amount, but to put it into perspective, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow used to hold the record for most views in a TV trailer’s first week with 4.1 million, so ya, it’s kind of a big deal.

So why is everyone freaking out about this seemingly unknown show? For starters it stars acting favorites, Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia! Yes, you read that right A Walk to Remember and Gilmore Girls fans should be screaming with excitement right about now. Plus, Milo is naked in the trailer. We will just let that information sink in for a minute before moving on.

Now back to this epic show. The trailer gives off a Love, Actually vibe (in a good way), in the sense that it is a crossover of character stories, so you are shown more than one life within the show and therefore have more storylines to sink your teeth into.

The characters aren’t necessarily linked by actual friends and family members as in ensemble movies like Mother’s Day or Crazy, Stupid, Love, but instead are characters born on the same date. It is a very cool idea and the TV trailer itself will give you goosebumps. This could be NBC’s attempt to fill the void that Parenthood left in our hearts and we are SO okay with it.

From babies being born and lost, to a woman’s journey to lose weight and find love, there are so many real stories within the trailer that you can’t help but connect with at least one of them in a real way. Be prepared for some laughing, crying and body chills as you watch and go on this journey with the show’s heartwarming characters.

The first glimpse definitely makes us think This Is Us is the show we didn’t know we needed this season. So, get ready to set those DVRs! Now all we need is an official premiere date!

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