If you’re a regular horoscope reader, chances are you know the basic attributes of each sign: Leos are leaders. Geminis are flexible. Tauruses are stubborn. (As a Taurus, I will vouch for this. The bull symbol does not lie.) Every sign has a clearly defined personality type, and depending on how closely you follow astrology, your sign can explain a lot about how you view the world.

And the Internet loves astrology so much, it spawned a meme called The Signs As that humorously and truthfully casts signs as TV characters, songs, holidays, snacks, gifs and more. Here’s an example:

The idea is simple, but has become wildly popular. So popular in fact, that according to the Tumblr 2015 Year in Review, The Signs As was the second most popular meme on Tumblr this year (Pepe the Frog was our number one), beating out 2015 favorites like Left Shark, The Dress and Deez Nuts. The Signs As even beat out tbt, the Thursday go-to. It’s recreated over and over with increasingly creative results.

“People are always excited to see something they can identify with, so these posts would usually get a lot of notes,” says Amanda Brennan, Tumblr Content and Community Associate. It’s fun to think about your sign and your personality traits in new ways. Horoscopes can only rephrase words like “loyal” and “easygoing” in so many ways, and it’s fun to think of signs in new ways. Check out some of our favorite The Sign As posts. Warning: Once you start reading them, you won’t be able to stop!

Featured image via Shutterstock