Jill Layton
Updated Feb 25, 2015 @ 2:48 pm

Buzzfeed just alerted us to the fact that the TSA has an Instagram page where they post pictures of the ridiculous stuff they have confiscated from travelers. It’s no surprise that most of the confiscated items happen to be weapons and drugs (that’s still a thing people try to get away with?), but some of the items are actually pretty surprising. While browsing through the photos, we learned some new and, um, interesting things about the TSA regarding what they do and don’t permit on airplanes.

So, for your viewing pleasure, here are some of the weird, scary and hilarious things we discovered:

You can bring sports equipment on board, but you need to check it. Lacrosse sticks and golf clubs may seem peaceful, but they’re not always.

Batarangs are a REAL thing, and that’s pretty awesome, but they don’t belong on airplanes:

If you need to fly with your sword, that’s totally fine and kinda weird — but it needs to be checked, not carried on:

Comb knives are clever, but not safe and definitely not allowed on airplanes. (PS isn’t this totally something one of the Pink Ladies would carry around?)

Lipstick knives are unacceptable, but lipstick without knives are acceptable:

Probably don’t bring a plastic bag full of eels in your luggage, unless you plan on surrendering them forever:

If your keychain can also be used as a weapon — even if it’s purple and kind of looks like a cat — leave it at home:

You can’t put snakes in your stockings and get away with it. No snakes on a plane!

You CAN bring your pecan pie on board, just in case you were hoping to host a mid-flight Thanksgiving dinner:

And you guys — TSA dogs basically have their own baseball cards, and it’s adorable:

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