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Updated Nov 03, 2016 @ 3:55 pm
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If you’ve ever transferred from a small Christian private school to a large public school, there are certain struggles that only you’ve experienced. Like when you realized that you suddenly have to coordinate outfits instead of having the simplicity of a uniform, have to learn how to navigate new social dynamics, catch up on certain pop culture references, and try not to panic at the sheer amount of hallways and classrooms. All while trying to come into your own. But it’s not all bad – you’ll likely significantly expand your world view, get to know new friends, and have the option to choose from tons more extracurriculars. If you’re a private school to public school transfer, you’ll definitely relate to a few of these truths about switching schools.

1. Suddenly having to choose an outfit to wear in the morning is TOUGH.

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Gone are the days of minimal thinking in the morning. You’re so used to your choices being four varieties of uniform options: A khaki skirt and button down shirt, khaki pants and button down shirt, or the same skirt and pants only in navy.

2. None of your religious studies classes transferred as credits.

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You mean it doesn’t even count as a cultural studies class? I wrote about the origin of communion and memorized the catechism for nothing!!?

3. Your new school is huge by comparison.

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You’re used to all your classes being close by – literally within a couple of hallways. Your new school can leave you feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of classrooms and practically in need of a map.

4. Public school teachers don’t trust you.

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You’ll immediately wonder why a certain teacher is being so harsh – until you realize that you’re not assumed an automatic level of trust by any teacher. You’re so used to your teachers trusting you enough to walk out of class to use the bathroom that requesting a hall pass is initially a completely foreign concept.

5. You’ll probably already be familiar already with some of the stuff you’re learning…

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You might initially even be teased because of this, but at least your grades are great. And you’ll eventually find your tribe.

6. …But you might be out of the loop socially.

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Depending on how sheltered your private school was, some slang and pop culture references will be lost on you. It’s like you’re speaking a different language – at least at first. But hey, you’re trying!

7. The sheer number of people you’ll be surrounded by on a daily basis will be overwhelming at first.

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You suddenly realize that navigating through the sheer volume of people and trying to make it to your locker before the next class is a skill you’re sorely lacking.

8. But bonus! There are more guys (or girls) to choose from when it comes to dating.

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So. Many. Choices. You didn’t even know you had a type… until now.

9. You don’t get extra extended breaks for religious holidays.

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That extra day off for Easter vacation? Yeahhhh, sorry, you’ve got school now.

10. You’re not used to group members slacking on group projects.

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What do you mean you didn’t write your section of the powerpoints? Who’s going to do them so last minute? *everyone looks at you expectantly*

11. You’ll be exposed to vastly differing opinions and beliefs than your own.

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Let’s be honest, you most likely had a sheltered existence in private school, with many of your peers agreeing with your viewpoints and religious beliefs. Get ready to be challenged – but don’t worry, because it’s ultimately a good thing.

12. It’ll be strange not opening with a prayer and Bible reading every morning in assembly.

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Also weird leaving your Bible at home instead of bringing it to school every day.

13. Yearly state testing will be the bane of your existence.

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Since you’re not used to this, you’ll likely stress out much more than other students. State mandatory testing just seems so much more intimidating.

14. You’ll actually miss chapel on Fridays.

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At first, it was awesome not having to go – until you slowly began to miss it. Everyone singing hymns together = oddly soothing.

15. But ultimately, you’ll adapt – and be more well-rounded for it.

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Public school kid or private school kid? You got the best of both worlds.