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Cat owners have a reputation for being intelligent, introverted, and thoughtful. But if there’s one thing we have most in common, it’s the love we have for our feline friends – despite their habit of knocking drinking cups off of counters, lying across the keyboard in search of pets, or scratching on furniture. Cats know all the ways to our hearts, including the special meow they reserve just for attention, purring contentedly on our lap, or just plain being adorable. If you have the privilege of owning a cat (or having a cat own you, rather), these truths will be all too relatable.

1. They’ll immediately prefer the box to the toy.

Even if it’s a really expensive toy. Even if you searched for hours on Amazon to find the perfect cat tree… *sigh* They’ll go for the box first, every time.

2. Or the packaging the toy came in.

3. They’ll find the oddest places to hang out in.

Credit: Kassandra Shore

If it fits, they sits!

4. You’ll learn to leave your bedroom door open to avoid dealing with THIS.

*scratch, scratch* I want innnn! Let me in!

-5 minutes later-

*scratch, scratch* Actually, I want out. Like, right now.

5. You’re in awe of their ability to fit into small spaces.

Credit: Tumblr / RuinedChildhood

Although it’s maddening when it’s time to take them to the vet and they won’t come out.

6. You’ll take every opportunity you can to gush about them.

Credit: IFC

Everything they do is so cute, they practically deserve a statue just for existing. You’ve learned to reign it in around non-cat people though… kinda.

7. There will be one piece of furniture that you’ve given up on ever saving.

Credit: ABC / WB

Here lie the ruins of a once-perfect ottoman… good thing it wasn’t *too* expensive.

8. They’re the ultimate study or work distraction.

Credit: Pintrest / LOL Cute Animals

To pet or not to pet, that is the question.

9. They have a special meow to get your attention.

Credit: Tumblr / crystal-x-wings

It’s irresistible. You must stop to give them pets upon hearing it. And they know it.

10. You have entire conversations with them.

*meow* Who’s the cutest kitty? *meow meow* That’s right, it’s you! *meowww* Oh, do you want to play, Mr. Tuxedo? Or are you hungry?

11. Cat hair is the bane of your existence.

Tread lightly and carry a big lint roller!

12. You’ll think that *your* cat is the cutest in existence – just like you would your own child.

Credit: Tumblr / Dream-of-fireflies

…No matter how anyone else sees them. #nohairdontcare

13. The positions they end up in often defy logic.

Credit: Tumblr / corporation-cats

You’ll swear that ‘cats have 9 lives’ saying is the damn truth.

14. They can be incredibly stubborn.

15. If you have more than one, they’ll sometimes be adorably cute to each other…

And other times, all hell will break loose. Sometimes within five minutes of said cuteness.

16. You own at least one cat-themed product.

Which is likely one of your favorite things, tbh.

17. You’ve had a panic attack thinking your cat has gone missing, only to find them hiding in plain sight.

Credit: Tumblr / catladylovesdogs

Watch your step!

18. They’re the ultimate zen gurus.

Credit: Reddit / Pathum_Anjana

“I have lived with several Zen masters — all of them cats.” -Eckhart Tolle

19. Their obsession with the laser pointer never really ceases.

Neither does your amusement!

20. Sometimes they’ll break things seemingly just for fun.

Credit: YouTube / Hollywood Or Die

I just poured that drink! Whyyyyy?

21. Their purrs are the most soothing sound in the world.

Also proven to be medically beneficial.

Happy International Cat Day, cat lovers!

Give your cat an extra snuggle… only if they’re open to it, of course.