Rachel Charlene Lewis
February 05, 2017 2:21 pm
Siri Stafford / Getty

So it turns out that the immigration ban could cause the U.S. to lose doctors, as if it wasn’t already doing enough damage! ICYMI, Donald Trump created an order that changes our immigration policy so that people from seven countries, all with majority Muslim populations, are banned from entering the country, whether they already lived here or not.

The ban (now temporarily paused, much to Trump’s displeasure) has done a lot of damage, from causing parents to miss the birth of their children to creating an overwhelming sense of xenophobia that helps basically no one. And now, The American Medical Association is speaking out against the ban, and because the immigration ban blocks doctors, too.

According to our friends at Refinery29, the American Medical Association just issued a letter to Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly reminding him that the immigration ban blocks doctors, too, making it detrimental in a HUGE way.

Honestly, how did no one think about this? Ugh, we’re so annoyed. To Kelly, they wrote,

Apparently living in a safer country means having less doctors, like, whaaaa?!

We’re so confused right now. Honestly, can this be the final proof once and for all that this ban is doing so much more harm than good? We’d like to see less families being torn apart, and less people being traumatized and humiliated, thanks.

No matter what your political affiliation, we can probably all agree that stopping DOCTORS of all people from entering our country makes about zero sense. Right?