Gina Mei
Updated July 17, 2015 10:45 am

Riley Dashwood may only be 6 years old, but she’s already got some trick shots up her sleeve.

In a new video called “The hug life chose me,” the super impressive mini-human perfectly tosses a milk carton into the fridge, a DVD into the DVD player, and a piece of bread over her shoulder and straight into the toaster. But it gets better. After she lands each, she also reacts exactly how you’d expect a 6-year-old who has just achieved such feats to react — which takes the whole thing to a new level of adorable.

Because this is the Internet, and skepticism abounds, the caption of the video is quick to clarify that the trick shots are, indeed, totally legit: “We promise this is for real. No special or visual effects. Trick shot kid = persistence.”

In fact, some of the tricks took days before Riley landed a shot. As her dad, Rhett, told Mashable, it took 300 tries before Riley could rebound a tennis ball off the wall behind her into a glass bowl, and 136 to throw her toothbrush over her shoulder into a cup. (Dropping a cardboard tube and getting it to land upright, however — Riley got that one on the first try.)

Rhett goes on to explain that he launched their YouTube channel, Riley Daily, as a fun way for him to bond with his daughter and teach her some valuable life lessons along the way. In the case of the trick shots, Rhett produced a video with Riley ahead of time about the importance of persistence — in order to help prepare her for the potential failures ahead.

“When Riley was a bit younger she had a tendency to be a bit shy, but at home with us she was always crazy and outgoing and I just wanted to put that into a video and share that,” he told Mashable. “It has helped with presentation, it has helped with confidence. The reward is in itself, that we can spend time together, have something to talk about and work on together as father and daughter.”

Watch the adorable and amazing video for yourself below, and check out the outtakes (and all her reaction shots) right here. For more updates, you can follow Riley Daily on YouTube. (I still can’t get over the cuteness of her imitating emojis.)

(Image via video.)