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Search YouTube for “coming out” and you’ll find lots of thoughtful videos of users explaining sexuality or announcing their own. It’s a great resource for those looking for support in their search for their identity, and to provide support to those who need it. Trevor Moran, former X Factor contestant and YouTube star, is the latest personality to use the platform to announce his sexuality.

On the heels of his newest song, “I Wanna Fly,” Moran made a video that explains something that fans had been wondering for some time. While nobody owes anyone an explanation for their sexuality, Trevor’s announcement is so honest and fun that we totally appreciate him making the video. He says:

He then goes on to explain his journey, saying “I did definitely try to be straight and experiment with girls. It just doesn’t work.”

Moran also answered questions that he received on Twitter, admitting that he “thought [he] was bisexual for a long time because [he] was just so frightened by the word ‘gay.'”

For many reasons, this wasn’t as much a shocking announcement as it was a necessary one. One million subscribers look to Moran as a role model, and he has the courage to use his platform to not just answer questions but also to provide an example that struggling with your sexuality is stressful, but it’s okay. Your struggles make you stronger, as evidenced by his hit single “I Wanna Fly” which hints to his exploration of sexuality.

You can watch the music video here, and check out Moran’s coming out video below!

(Image via YouTube)