Zipcar is making it easier for you to get to your polling place on November 8th

Countless people run into a major problem on Election Day — they don’t have access to affordable transportation. In an effort to combat the issue, Zipcar is offering free rentals to its subscribers on November 8th so voters can get to their polling places and cast their ballots in this historic election.

The car rental service is making over 7,000 cars available to its members from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. local time on Election Day. In a statement released on Friday, Zipcar’s vice president of marketing Andrew Daley said:

“At Zipcar, we know our community of Zipsters are actively engaged in civic affairs and passionate about issues, but may also need quick and easy access to transportation in order to vote. Regardless of political affiliation or sentiment, we believe that voting is a civic duty, and we want to ensure that access to transportation isn’t a barrier to casting a ballot.

The company encourages everyone to carpool with family and friends so as many people as possible make it to the polls.

Zipcars are available in hundreds of towns and cities across America, including over 500 college campuses — so the effects of the #DRIVETheVOTE initiative will be far-reaching.

Although many companies stay out of politics altogether, some are sacrificing sales this year in order to encourage people to vote. For example, Patagonia is shutting down all retail and online sales and urging customers to cast their ballots for politicians who will fight against climate change.

This is arguably the most important election in history, so it’s great to see companies like Zipcar provide their customers with a way to make their voices heard.