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María Lorena Ramírez wins a race in Puebla, Mexico in sandals
Credit: Shiver Ghoshal / https://twitter.com/shuvro_addict/status/866902461004394498

For those of us who don’t run regularly, the idea of running any kind of marathon is…scary. The least we would do to cope with such a physically-demanding event is make sure we have everything we need to make the race as easy as possible. Running shoes, compression socks, a hydration vest, the basics. And even if we were fully prepared, we still probably wouldn’t win.

Well, we’re thankful to not be racing against María Lorena Ramírez because she just won a 50k race in sandals and a skirt.

Specifically, Ramírez was participating in Mexico’s 50 Km. Ultra Trail Cerro Rojo in Puebla, and beat out 500 other runners for first place.

Ramírez belongs to Mexico’s Tarahumara indigenous community, who are known for their ability to run long distances, as talked about in Christopher McDougall’s book Born To Run. According to the book, to stay hydrated, the Tarahumara people drink pinole (water with corn powder) and iskiate, a chia seed drink that McDougall has titled “10,000-year-old Red Bull.”

Ramírez completed the 31-mile race in seven hours and three minutes; and she did it in sandals, called huaraches, made from repurposed tire rubber. No fancy equipment needed!

When Ramírez isn’t being superwoman, she works as a goat and caddle hearder, covering anywhere between six to nine miles a day. We’re not sure if she wears her huaraches to do this, but either way, we’re impressed! If this isn’t the type of feel good “anything is possible” news that makes your heart melt, then we don’t know what to tell you! We’re here for this!