Channing Sargent
Updated Mar 27, 2017 @ 1:13 pm

We think there’s never a bad time to go to Disneyland. That said, when Disneyland is the most crowded, mega crowds sure can dampen the mood. Almost more than torrential rains. Spending all day standing in lines or pushing your way through masses of tourists can be more exhausting than fun.

If you’re planning a visit, a little research can help you avoid the days when Disneyland is the most crowded. However, as a certain HelloGiggles writer’s uncle, who happens to have worked at Disneyland for over 30 years, says, “it’s always busy.”

First, take a look at the Disneyland blockout calendar . It’ll give you a good idea of when most of the passholders are not allowed to enter the parks, which means Disney is gearing up for major tourist traffic. Southern California passholders are blocked from entering the park entirely for most of June through mid-August, otherwise known as summer break.

The Disneyland crowd calendar put together by Undercover Tourist is a good resource, too. And be sure to learn some tips for beating the lines.

Here are some other sure times you may want to avoid:

1. Spring Break Season

The weeks before and after Easter, in mid-March through mid-April, also happens to be Spring Break Season. Kids are off of school and families run to Disney in droves.

2. Summer Break

July through early August, when schools are on summer break, are also crowded times for Disneyland.

3. 4th of July Weekend

If July 4th falls close to a weekend, Disney will be madness.

4. Thanksgiving Week

Much like spring break, and summer break, folks are also headed to Disney en masse because Christmas decor goes up right after Halloween.

5. Christmas

The week before Christmas through the first couple of weeks of January, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve bring in some of the largest crowds the park sees all year long. The reason for this is that nobody does Christmas better than Disney. If you despise crowds, avoid. But if you love creatively designed, decadent Christmas decor and festivity, do check it out.

6. Marathon Weekends

Run Disney holds races throughout the year. Though runners do not get free entry to the parks, many of them hit the parks with their families after.

7. D23 Expo

Disney’s D23 Expo will be at the Anaheim Convention Center, right across the street from the parks, on July 14-16th of 2017. It’s the ultimate Disney fan event, so you know the park’s crowds will be out of control.