Madison Vanderberg
Updated Jun 16, 2016 @ 2:10 pm
Credit: E!

If you, like me, are a devoted Keeping Up with the Kardashians viewer, you’ll know that every season hinges around a giant family vacation. Aspen, Greece, Thailand…the Kardashians take giant family vacays that look like PURE OPULENCE.

Sometimes I watch the show and am like, “Dang, will I ever get to vacation like that? PROBABLY NOT!” But in actuality, you kinda CAN go on a Kardashian-style vacation.

All these Kardashian-lite vacations were found on, which is basically a free website that lets you know when four and five-star hotels have last-minute flash sales!


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The Kardashians spent most of their Thailand trip on a boat and according to an associate of Secret Escapes, they spent $150K a week to stay at one of the most exclusive resorts in Thailand. But you can stay at a similar Thailand retreat for only $98 a night! And it looks like this-

Dominican Republic

Credit: E!

This was one of the Kardashian’s earlier televised vacations. They supposedly paid $11,000 a night to rent out this insane villa but you can stay in a similarly exotic hotel (below) for only $230 a night!

Cannes, France

When the Kardashian hit up the Cannes film festival in May, they stayed at the Cannes Hotel Martinez where rooms cost upwards of $2,500 a night! But you can stay at a chic Best Western like this one in France for only $134 a night!

St. Barts

Credit: E!

When the Kardashians went to the island of St. Barts during Season 11, they stayed in a villa for $35,000 a week! You can actually stay in your OWN villa like this one in the nearby island of St. Kitts for $282 per night.

See you don’t have to totally break the bank to travel like you’re a member of the Kardashjenners!