The Free Spirit Spheres, located in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, are part of a resort that allows guests to spend the night in suspended sphere-shaped treehouses. Nestled in the coastal rainforest, these cute treehouse hotel rooms are available year-round for any seasonal getaway. For safety reasons, these Spheres are only available to guests over the age of 16, which make them a perfect hideaway for you and someone special. Sorry, this is not for a family vacation! This is for you and your boo.

It’s been a hard 2017 for some of us, so the idea of a vacation is tempting. However, it gets easy to fall into the same beach/mountain/national park road trip cycle year after year, so finding an alternative to what’s out there gets tricky especially when you’re on a budget. Luckily, if you’re feeling a little fearless — and assuming you don’t already live in Canada, have a passport — you may want to put your eyes on these daring treehouse hotel rooms. We just hope you’re not afraid of heights!

Though the Spheres ideally fit two people, the larger selection (starting at $299 CAD) can fit a third person for an additional $50/night.

Additionally, the Spheres comes in three sizes — Eve, Eryn, and Melody — and start at $133 for one person and $160 for two.

Sound tempting yet? Because we think we’re adding this spot to our list of must-travel locations! See you in the trees.