Olivia Harvey
Updated Jul 25, 2017 @ 8:18 pm
Getty Images / Dougal Waters

Wouldn’t it be great if a travel agent just popped out of thin air and yelled, “Surprise! You’re going on vacation,” and you immediately got transported to a tropical island, piña colada in hand? Well, that could really happen — sort of.

Pack Up + Go is a “surprise” travel agency that’s kind of like that mystical travel agent. The company takes the hassle out of planning and booking a trip. All you have to do is set your budget and travel dates, include a few travel preferences, and write down any special requests.

Then badda-bing, badda-boom — Pack Up + Go sends you on a three-day weekend trip.

You’re like, “Hold up, hold up. Where am I going?” That’s where the surprise part comes into play. When you use the Pack Up + Go website, you don’t get to know where you’re headed until a week before your trip.

First, you get an email with your flight/train/bus info, directions on where to go to catch said flight/train/bus, luggage size restrictions, and a weather forecast for the undisclosed location somewhere in the United States.

A few days before your Pack Up + Go secret trip, you’ll receive an envelope in the mail that contains the hidden information. But don’t open it until you’re at the station or airport. Only until mere minutes before you take off will you get to know where you’re going.

The Pack Up + Go agents will do all your research for you and provide a city guide and accommodation information via the secret envelope.

This is some serious James Bond stuff.

A multi-traveler weekend plane, train, or bus trip starts at $650. A solo plane, train, or bus trip starts at $1,000. You can also choose to partake in a multi-traveler road trip starting at $400, or a solo road trip starting at $800.

If you’re one for adventure, Pack Up + Go will certainly satiate your wanderlust. And if you have a desire to feel like you’re on a very secret mission, this is your time to shine, 007.