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As a lifelong, devoted Disney fan who created a Disney monster by turning my sweet, Winnie-the-Poohloving husband into a full-blown Disney addict, we both decided to create a Disney bucket list, which would involve visiting every Disney park in the world. After tackling Walt Disney World numerous times and Disneyland once, we set our sights on what many consider to be one of the best Disney parks ever created – Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

As obsessive fans of Mickey waffles and character buffets, one of our big concerns was, of course, the kind of food we’d experience in Tokyo. I did extensive research (my hubby doesn’t even particularly care for sushi and feared we’d go hungry while halfway across the world), and was excited to see how our Japanese friends enjoy the wonders of Disney dining.

Turns out you can get many of your favorites with an extra sprinkle of magic (two words: Mickey-shaped churros!) and multiple unique offerings that are simply too cute for words (little green dumplings!). Now here are some of the food highlights at the Tokyo Disney Resort that will have you updating your passport ASAP – trust me.

1. There’s a Mickey waffle restaurant.

If you agree that food simply tastes better when it’s Mickey-shaped, well I’ve got the best news for you. Tokyo Disneyland is home to the only designated restaurant for Mickey waffles, and it’s called The Great American Waffle Co.

Located in Disneyland’s World Bazaar area (their version of Main Street U.S.A.), you can get your hands on the beloved breakfast treat, which also happens to be pretty affordable. You can get yours with chocolate sauce, maple syrup, or strawberry and custard sauce… with a perfect scoop of vanilla ice cream to top it off. This alone was worth the trip to Japan, tbh.

2. Toy Story fans will go “oooooooh” for these.

One of the park’s most beloved treats are the Little Green Dumplings, which are an edible tribute to Toy Story’s Little Green Men. They are mochi dumplings filled with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry fillings. Plus, they come in an adorable Toy Story souvenir cup.

3. Everything’s heart-shaped at the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall.

One of the must-try counter service restaurants in Tokyo Disneyland can be found in Fantasyland, and it’s called the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall. The theming throughout the hall is over-the-top, and the tiny details like heart-shaped slices of cheese on your burger are what separate this from your average American cheeseburger.

4. Shaved ice is the perfect summer treat.

Just like in Florida and California, the summer heat in Tokyo is brutal. While we were there in early September, temperatures ranged in the upper 80s, with close to 100% humidity each day (!!), so cooling off with a sweet treat wasn’t even an option. It was pretty non-negotiable. Fortunately, the parks had delicious, flavored shaved ice topped with vanilla ice cream, giving a perfect mix of sweet and tart in the blazing late summer sun.

5. But other ice cream is just as sweet in Tokyo.

If you’re not feelin’ shaved ice, fear not! You can just as easily find Mickey fruit bars, ice cream bars, and other super kawaii sundae options throughout the parks.

6. Popcorn is serious business.

If there’s nothing you love more than the smell of popcorn as you walk through the Magic Kingdom’s streets, you absolutely need to visit Tokyo Disney. Popcorn is such a big deal here that guests will wait on half-hour long lines just to fill their adorable popcorn buckets with a salty snack.

And, even better is the popcorn variety here. You can find unique flavors like curry popcorn, soy sauce and butter popcorn, and even cappucino popcorn. The buckets themselves are a Disney staple, with guests of all ages rocking their bucket as a fashion statement, while ready to snack anytime those hunger pangs strike.

7. Gyoza sausage buns.

For those guests looking for a savory snack instead of something sweet, try out these amazing gyoza sausage buns, which are warm and juicy. Yum!

8. An American classic with a Tokyo twist

Sometimes, when you’re in a theme park like Disney, you simply find yourself in need of a good old cheeseburger, or chicken nuggets and fries. In the Tokyo parks, you can get that – they’ll just be Mickey-shaped. Which brings us to…

9. Mickey. Shaped. Churros.

If you go to a theme park and don’t get a churro, did you really go to a theme park? Unlike its American counterpart, the churros here are still long and tubelike, but they’re also Mickey-shaped. Japanese Disney visitors also get flavored churro options like the maple Mickey churro. Yum!

10. Plain and simple: Everything’s just cuter here.

The food options are definitely different from your standard U.S. theme park food, and it was fun to be a little adventurous with our cuisine (especially in Disney). But what was truly incredible was the attention to detail, from a Mickey-shaped egg yolk to Mickey bowls. On top of being delicious, every meal and snack became a picture-perfect photo op, and we loved how charming and unique everything was.

Would we go back? You better believe it.