File this under: Things we always knew we needed, and now that we’ve got it we’re so HAPPY. Last week, the goddess of comedy herself, Tina Fey, took a trip to Disney World. She loves Disney World, if you didn’t already know, and she was game to face down all the big rides across the four parks. And since this is one of those “pics, or it didn’t happen” situations, we’ve actually got video of Tina riding one of the rollercoasters in Orlando, Florida.

Where has this quick one-minuet video been all our lives??

In a video posted by the Disney Parks, Tina jokes that she’s been to Disney World, “over a thousand times,” but jk, it’s more like 12 times over the last few years — and that is still A LOT. What keeps her coming back, year after year, is that the “people who work here are so consistently wonderful.”

Also, the roller coasters.

Credit: Disney Parks/YouTube

Tina tackles one of the biggest rides across all four parks, Expedition Everest, in Animal Kingdom. Never would have guessed Tina was an adrenaline junkie, but hey, the inspiration for Kimmy Schmidt’s mom had to come from somewhere.

New definition of happiness: Watching Emmy-winner Tina Fey ride a rollercoaster.

What we wouldn’t give to see her *actual* ride photo but oh well, next time. Also, next time invite us along for the ride.