Channing Sargent
September 21, 2016 12:18 pm

When most of us talk about making a calculated risk, we mean whether or not to take that job offer, or if we should move. Bur for 27-year old Clair Marie, that means which cliff to jump off — literally.

One of the youngest Base jumpers ever, she’s been throwing herself off cliffs for eleven years. An avid outdoorswoman (hey, it should be a word), she first began snowboarding — which turns out to be a gateway to rock climbing — then moved to parachuting off of the peaks she summits. This isn’t drugs, people; this is the high of the wild.

She describes the sensation as peaceful and calming, but explains all of the education and preparation that goes into experiencing such freedom.


And after more than 6,000 leaps, she tells the Daily Mail that she still gets nervous. We think that’s the most inspiring thing about her: She’s an expert at something most of will never even try, but she still gets butterflies in her stomach. Knowing that makes us feel a little more inclined to take a leap ourselves, even if it’s just toward our own, two-feet-on-the-ground dreams.