This web show hilariously teach us the important things — like how to curse in French


When peeping out our dream vacations we gotta cover the bases beyond the plane ticket, accommodations, and work negotiations. In order to truly assimilate to a new culture it’s crucial we also know how to insult people, which is why this web show that teaches us how to curse in French is deeply helpful. One of our consistent go-to web shows at HelloGiggles, “The Dirty Word” has taught us everything from why some voices are deemed attractive, to why some perfectly innocent words freak people out, and now they have gifted us with NSFW look into French insults.

Host Amanda Montell started this election by talking about the stressful nature of our election, and how the growing political divisions might even inspire some of us to daydream about leaving the country.

Immediately pinpointing the importance of communicating a fresh insult, Montell shared that she’s accumulated a collection of basic French insults (some vulgar and some absurd) that will come in handy during the great Election Exit of 2016.


For example, the phrase above “Ta Gueule” is a French way of telling someone to shut up.


More expressively, for when you accidentally board the wrong train in Paris and all the Parisians refuse to help you because of your bad accent, you can yell “Putain de bordel de merde!” Which basically means, “holy fucking hell!”

She even gifts us with a few more absurd insults at the end, most of which have to do with bloody sausages.


You can peep the full video below for the uncensored NSFW arsenal of French insults that will (hopefully not) come in handy.

Now we’re officially ready to roam the streets of France muttering insults.