Karen Belz
Updated Oct 31, 2017 @ 10:25 am
Credit: https://www.facebook.com/TheResort4U/photos/a.1405464223029091.1073741830.1405454326363414/1979450652297109/?type=3&theater

While the term “plus-size” can often be polarizing, one vacation spot is using the term in a promising way. The Resort is a body-positive travel spot in the Bahamas that was created with “plus-size” guests in mind, offering up an experience like no other.

Founder James King said that he wanted to create a place where there’s no judgment between beachgoers. The idea for The Resort came to him after a less-than-ideal situation he encountered at another hotel he worked at.

At The Resort, furniture is made to last and proves a lot of comfort, which means that guests don’t have to worry about having a similar incident. In fact, King was so passionate about finding ways to accommodate guests of all sizes, that he had to “create and prototype” some of the furniture himself.

The Resort has gotten so popular that a documentary was filmed about it. Called The 18-30 Stone Holiday, the show focused on eight British guests who had the time of their lives.

According to The Resort’s Facebook page, over two million people watched it when it debuted.

King believes that in a “haven” like The Resort, stigmas are gone. Guests know that they’re in a safe space, and don’t need to worry about their weight while on vacation.

It’s about time that something like this existed. Everyone deserves to have a worry-free vacation. King makes sure that his resort takes away any pre-trip panic that a guest may have — like whether or not their weight may impact vacation activities. The focus is simply on having a great time, which should be the ultimate goal for everyone.

The only thing guests have to worry about at The Resort is making sure they get reservations. King asks that guests book the whole plot for a flat rate of $16,400 for a 6-night stay. As of now, only groups between two and 24 are currently being considered.