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Updated Apr 06, 2017 @ 5:25 pm
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Spending time at the airport isn’t on anyone’s holiday wishlist this year, but it’s often a necessary evil if you’re traveling to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Hanukkah with your family and friends. You know to expect long lines everywhere (from going through security to buying a pre-flight snack), crowded waiting areas, and just an overall stressful vibe that can start to drive even the most collected person crazy. Here’s a little good news: there’s a new travel app to help make your airport experience a little better by giving you a preview of what’s ahead.

KAYAK, a travel booking site, has two new features on its app (for both iOS and Android devices). The first feature allows users to check the estimated security line wait times, which is collected through real-time feedback from app users and the TSA website. The second feature on the app is a variety of airport terminal maps, which will help you navigate if you’re looking for the gate for your connecting flight, a place to grab a bite, or baggage claim. Currently the app has 34 maps for popular airports, including Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, John F. Kennedy Airport in NYC, Los Angeles International Airport, and more. Travelers can download the maps before their trip for offline use.

If you’re looking for more real-time updates, you can forward your travel plans to They’ll organize an itinerary for you and send updates on flight delays, gate changes, and security wait times through the app. And if you want to get an idea of the busiest airports this holiday season, check them out here.

This article by Sarah Yang originally appeared on Real Simple.