Kenya Foy
Updated Aug 11, 2016 @ 9:43 am
Credit: @themantaresort/Instagram

Who wants to stay in a run-of-the-mill above-ground hotel when you can relax in a room beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean? In the case of the Manta Resort, this is one time in life when sleeping with the fishes is actually a good thing.

The luxury hotel room is situated off the Pemba Islands in Tanzania and is as gorgeous as it sounds. If the thought of ducking your head under the ocean’s surface promptly freaks you out, then this hotel room provides the perfect way to observe the beautiful marine life without the fear of inhaling water.

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On the other hand, those who love to snorkel won’t be able to resist the chance to dive from their room into the ocean. Stunning photos of the isolated quarters look like scenes from your favorite beach movies:


Get your dive on:

Simply magical:

Tropical fish swimming past your window? NBD:

This guy was lucky enough to spend his honeymoon at The Manta. Our vacay envy is so real rn.

So, clearly we need to go ASAP. One question, though: Which one of our BFFs should we invite?

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