Rachel Paige
December 06, 2016 12:04 pm
Jeff Krause/Flickr

If you’re bags are already packed to blast off to a planet park far, far away, then we’ve got some news you’re going to want to hear: While Star Wars Land might not open at Disney World for quite a while (like, 2018-ish a while), Disney is here to help you get a proper Star Wars fix much sooner. They’re now going to do Star Wars tours in Hollywood Studios, and they’re all BYLO — bring your own lightsaber.

There’s another side to the Disney Parks you might not know about: Tours. Sure, while we’re always flocking to Disneyland and Disney World to ride rides, see fireworks, watch parades, and eat all the food, there’s actually a whole lot more you can do that the average tourist might not realize. Like, take a guided tour of the parks with a certified know-it-all Disney tour guide, who can take you to all the cool places and show you all the cool things.

If the only cool things you want to see right now relate back to Star Wars, then starting in January 2017, you can take a seven-hour Star Wars tour.

Yes. A seven-hour Star Wars tour through Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World, aka, the future home of Star Wars Land.

At a big, splashy and fancy event at Disney World last night (have you SEEN Spaceship Earth become the Death Star yet??) a whole slew of new experiences were announced, one of them being this tour. While there aren’t a whole lot of details available about it yet, here’s the gist:

You’ve gotta fill up seven hours somehow.

The tour stars January 2nd, and will run on Mondays and Saturdays though 2017. The price is currently $129 per person (park admission not included, FYI), and while you can’t reserve a spot right now, you’ll be able to soon. This sounds like the perfect thing to gift all the Star Wars loving humans in your life.