Rachel Paige
Updated Feb 07, 2017 @ 2:22 pm
Star Wars - Themed Lands Coming to Disney Parks
Credit: Disney/Getty

The wait is finally over, and also, the wait just got a little bit longer. Disney has just announced that they have an opening date set for the upcoming Star Wars Land expansion, and start packing your bags!

But also, take your sweet time packing your bags, because we’ve got a lot of time to get ready.

Earlier today, Disney held their quarterly earnings call with shareholders, and teased all sorts of cool new information. They announced a date for the opening of Disney World’s Avatar: The Land of Pandora (May 27th, 2017 if you’re wonderinga date we correctly guessed).

But more importantly (sorry, Pandora), they’ve got an opening date for Star Wars Land in mind. And now, drumroll please:

Sometime in 2019!!

When Star Wars Land was first announced, there was no clear opening date in sight. Many wondered if the land would be open ahead of the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but seeing as how that movie lands in theaters in 310 days, and Star Wars Land is still mostly dirt, that doesn’t seem feasible.

2018 would have been a great time to open the park, too, alongside the release of the Young Han Solo movie! But, no. Disney’s going to make us wait a tad bit longer. 2019 is fine, but…it is still just so far away.

On the bright side, during the earnings call Disney hinted that Toy Story Land might be ready to open in 2018, and that’d be pretty awesome. If we’re going to wait another two years for Star Wars, at least we’ll have Andy’s toys to hang out with.

Bigger question is still WHEN in 2019? And will it open at BOTH parks — both Disneyland and Disney World — at the same time on the same day??

Disney likes to open ~big things~ two times of the year: Just before summer (think, Memorial Day Weekend, like Pandora) or just before the holiday season in early-ish December. If you’re looking to plan a trip super far in advance, those are your two best bets right now.

See you there, and be sure to BYOBB8 — bring your own BB-8.