The carved sculptures
Credit: DeAgostini/Getty Images

Somebody call Nicolas Cage – it turns out there’s been a secret tunnel in Mount Rushmore this whole time.

According to History Channel, an 18-foot doorway leading into a 75-foot-long tunnel sits just behind Abraham Lincoln’s hairline.

Mount Rushmore’s designer, Gutzon Borglum, intended the massive room to be a “hall of records” featuring some of the country’s most important documents and artifacts, as well as explanations about the importance of his monument.

But get this: Borglum didn’t design the room with tourists in mind. He wanted it to serve as a record for “future civilizations, and even interplanetary visitors,” History reports.

Borglum first envisioned a gigantic, 8,000 square-foot chamber visitors would reach by way of an 800-foot staircase.

He never got his wish. Congress shut down construction shortly after it began, leaving the tunnel empty and out of sight of visitors.

Due to security concerns, the tunnel remains closed to the public, so we’ll have to find somewhere else to live out our National Treasure fantasies.