water slide
Credit: onlymaldives/Instagram

Many of us spend the dreary, cold winter months dreaming of stays at luxurious resorts in tropical locations. I hope you’re sitting down, because the resort of our dreams has opened its doors in the Maldives — and one of its many amazing features is a water slide DIRECTLY INTO THE OCEAN.

Soneva Jani, a new resort on the Indian Ocean, is a collection of villas with amenities including retractable roofs, floating accommodations, and a salt water pool.

But, it’s the fantastic water slide that sweeps you directly into the clear blue sea that really has us frantically Googling flights to The Maldives.

Sure, there’s a hefty fee to stay at Soneva Jani (I mean, not every resort boasts a water slide into the ocean) — but would it be irresponsible to max out numerous credit cards to head there STAT? (Asking for a friend.)

And, when you get dizzy from so many trips down the water slide, you can head to the resort’s outdoor cinema, lounge in a hammock on the sea, or take a stroll on a boardwalk in the water.

Another item has been added to our bucket list. Now, if only we can score a winning lotto ticket within the next month or so, we’ll be able to check off “water slide into the sea” very soon. Dream big, folks!