Not even entire towns can escape the unicorn trend. A village in Indonesia has transformed itself into a vibrant rainbow of colorful houses in an effort to revitalize the area and attract tourism.

The local government in the village, which was once called Kampung Wonosari, spent about $23,000 rebranding itself as Kampung Pelangi and repainting the village buildings in bright colors. The town also commissioned 3-D murals from artists to increase the number of photo-worthy spots.

The village hopes the colorful buildings will attract travelers (who may or may not have a predilection for popular Instagram posts) and pour more tourism money into the economy.

According to Bustle, the rainbow colors have already boosted the economy enough that the government is investing more into cleaning up the area, including the nearby river. Efforts are being made to keep the project community-driven, with Indonesia-based builders associations heading up the project.

Not gonna lie, we’re definitely looking into when we can hop on a plane to visit.