Crystal Ro
November 23, 2016 12:55 pm
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We’ve finally entered into our favorite time of year…the Holidays. However, there is one HUGE drawback to the Holidays – traveling to visit friends and family. Because there’s nothing worse than waiting hours on end for a delayed flight or getting stuck in five-mile-an-hour traffic. And every one of us has had a bad travel experience at least once in our lives, right? In fact, the struggle of Holiday travel is so relatable, master filmmaker of the ’80s, John Hughes made a movie about it.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles is an iconic Thanksgiving (and Holidays in general) film starring John Candy and Steve Martin. And it pretty much nailed the struggles of Holiday travel…even yours.

1. Like when you’ve been patiently waiting at the gate for your three-hour-delayed flight and then they announce it’s just been cancelled.

2. When you’ve been stuck on the same part of the freeway for two hours and need to find a new way to entertain yourself.

3. When you finally break down and buy that book you’ve been eyeing in the window at the airport gift shop for the last two hours because, guess what? Your flight’s been delayed another six hours.

4. When the airline asks if you’d be willing to give up your seat and you basically imagine yourself doing this instead.

5. When your gate changes and for some unexplained reason it’s on the exact OPPOSITE side of the airport from where you are now.

6. When they finally start boarding your flight and it feels like the greatest moment of your life.

7. When you attempt to charm your way out of a middle seat into an aisle seat away from the screaming baby and that one guy who hasn’t showered in what MUST be days.

8. When you realize you’re stuck next to THE worst passenger ever for the next five hours of what’s probably going to be the flight from hell.

9. When you finally get on your flight and you are SO READY to get your drink on.

10. When you discover the airline lost your luggage and they ask how your day is going.

11. When the airline delivers your “lost luggage,” but it turns out to be someone else’s because OF COURSE it is.

12. When you wait until the last minute to buy a bus ticket home, get stuck on the last possible bus out of town…and it’s minus 10 out.

13. When you’ve been stuck in traffic for what feels like AT LEAST three days and you’re slowly losing your mind.

14. And finally, when you remind yourself why you travel for the holidays.

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The Holidays can definitely be a rough time to travel, but thanks to movies like Planes, Trains, and Automobiles we remember just why we do it.