BVI Rock View
Credit: Getty Images/barnabyjones99

If you’re heading to the British Virgin Islands anytime soon, you’ll want to add The Baths National Park to your itinerary. The 7-acre park is on the North Shore of Virgin Gorda, one of the four main islands that make up the BVI. While the park boasts stunning views, and beautiful beaches, there’s a secret hidden inside that make it a must-see destination: The Baths.

The geological wonder can be found tucked behind massive boulders that line the white-sand beaches of the island. Once there, you’ll find secluded sea pools separated by towering granite rock—up to 40 feet in diameter—filled with crystal clear water.

Credit: Getty Images/barnabyjones99

And, if lounging around all day in your own private paradise isn’t enough excitement for you, the area is great for swimming and snorkeling. You can even head to the island’s South Shore where a maze of ladders leading over the rocks gives way to a sandy expanse called Devil’s Bay. Explore the coral reef, soak up the sun and be sure to stay for the sunset.

This article originally appeared in Travel & Leisure.