Kenya Foy
Updated Jan 24, 2017 @ 6:02 am
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Let’s all go to Pluto, where we can get high off our own oxygen supply and live the remote space lives of our dreams. A few problems: It’s four billion miles away, and we don’t have that much gas money, so we’ll have to settle for a video of a conceptualized landing on Pluto, at least for the time being.

Brought to us by the wonderful folks at NASA, this video pushes our galactic wanderlust to an all-time high. We’ve been thisclose to landing humans on Mars for some time now, and we cannot wait to dip a toe in the nearest space ocean, but we still have literally a billion miles to go before we can experience long-distance, civilian space travel IRL.

Luckily, videos like this allow us to become better acquainted with how this type of space stuff works.

According to Gizmodo, NASA compiled 100 images taken over a six-week period during the summer of 2015 by the New Horizons spacecraft (that same awesome piece of equipment that brought us this view of Earth and the moon from Mars) to produce this breathtaking clip of an imagined approach to Pluto’s surface.

The video begins with a distant look at Pluto and its largest moon Charon, and the resulting descent is absolutely glorious and gives us an entirely new appreciation for the beloved dwarf planet. Like, seriously, whose idea was it to demote Pluto from one of the original nine down to dwarf status because this is ah-mazing:

Ugh, we know space travel is complicated but we can’t be the only ones who are so desperate to call life on Earth a wrap and start over from scratch.