Credit: Disney

Over the last year, there have been dozens of announcements regarding changes and new additions coming to the Disney Parks around the world (Star Wars Land, anyone?). Today, another big announcement was made, and it’s time to start planning your next trip to Walt Disney World. It’s time to take a vacation that will make Sam the Eagle proud.

Starting this Fall, the Muppets are settling down in Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square. No, they won’t be there for the Turkey Legs or Haunted Mansion (though those are both great things). Instead, they’ll be a part of a brand new live Muppet show that will undoubtedly make us laugh, but also probably teach us a thing or two about American history.

You can 100% bet they’ll be Hamilton jokes.

According to the Disney Parks Blog, this new show, titled, “The Muppets Present… Great Moments in American History” — and hold up, this was the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to finally make “A Salute to All Nations, but Mostly Americaa real thing, and YOU MISSED YOU CHANCE, EVERYONE.

Credit: Shutterstock, Disney

Where was I? Right. Here’s what the Disney Parks Blog has to say about the new Muppets:

“Sam Eagle will join Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, The Great Gonzo and James Jefferson, town crier of Liberty Square, as they gather outside The Hall of Presidents to present historical tales in hysterical fashion as only they can. From the midnight ride of Paul Revere to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Muppets appear throughout the day to share with Guests, their own unique take on the founding fathers and the birth of the United States of America.”

This isn’t the first new Muppets thing to make its way to Disney World this year. There’s going to be a new Rizzo-themed pizza restaurant over at Hollywood Studios, and we’re super excited. Now feels like the perfect time to plan a Walt Disney World vacation.