Rachel Paige
August 17, 2016 4:00 pm

No day at Disneyland is completely without a little Fantasmic at night…except you can’t see it right now. Fantasmic has been closed for the past few months, while work on Star Wars Land is underway. Fantasmic takes place in and around Tom Sawyer’s Island, and that whole area has been shut down for the time being, to make way for droids.

Fantasmic is slated to open up again some time next year, and it sounds like when it does, it’ll be a new and improved Fantasmic. Not only are Disney Imagineers working hard to improve the technology of the show — like those giant water projection units! — but supposedly, the show is getting ready to add a whole new segment, too. One involving PIRATES.


According to a very cool rumor off of Main Street U.S.A., when Fantasmic returns, the Peter Pan segment of the show will be gone, instead replaced with one themed to Pirates of the Caribbean. And not only that, Disney is supposedly creating some awesome new ways to make the show even more WOW-worthy. According to WDW News Today, the new technology being developed would basically superimpose images over the actual Fantasmic performers (and the Fantasmic boats) that “would allow performers to change in appearance, jumping between a skeleton and human form just like the characters in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Um, that’s amazing.


This is still just a rumor right now, but it’s a really good rumor. Disney is always updating and changing things throughout the parks, so a new addition to Fantasmic would certainly be welcomed. And a Pirates addition on top of that? Sign us up.