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Updated May 30, 2017 @ 2:55 pm
Credit: Getty Images/Michael Runkel / robertharding

For younger travelers sick of old geezers killing their cruise vibes, there’s now a cruise that only allows millennials on board.

Luxury cruise company Uniworld is launching an all-new brand called U by Uniworld that specifically targets travelers aged 21 to 45. And the age limit is strictly enforced.

The river cruises will take millennials through Europe, including destinations in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary. To lure millennials onto a boat tour of Europe, Uniworld will completely revamp its itineraries, decor and menus to cater to younger tastes.

The cruise experience will feature many of the things that marketing companies think millennials love, like perfect backdrops for Instagram, mixologists serving signature cocktails, and “silent” DJs pumping tunes through headphones.

But perhaps the most noticeable difference on U by Uniworld is the approach to land excursions. The boats will dock in port for longer and passengers will have more opportunities to explore the cities they pass through. As opposed to strictly timed guided tours, U by Uniworld will suggest ideas and options for passengers, but ultimately passengers will be able to do whatever they want on land.

And, of course, like any good millennial brand, the cruises will incorporate technology. “Everything is going to be pushed to you on your phone,” Ellen Bettridge, president and CEO of Uniworld, told Skift. “We’ll have big TVs up around with your social media posts going on, people talking to each other. But it’s really more about your experience and your time.”

The ships will set sail in March 2018, mainly on rivers in Europe. Trips start at $1,699 for a week.