Sarah Terry
August 26, 2016 11:08 am
Anthony Harvey / Getty

Margot Robbie has been busy this summer, what with the premiere and all the press surrounding her kick ass turn as Harley Quinn in this summer’s big superhero flick, Suicide Squad. She’s been hitting up red carpets and slaying at media appearances, so we can’t think of anyone more deserving of a little fun. Margot is in Japan with her fellow stars for the Japanese premiere of Suicide Squad, but she’s also doing a little exploring. Margot visited the most incredible place, and now we need to book our trip to Japan.

Margot posted this photo of herself holding a hedgehog at a hedgehog cafe in Tokyo.

Yeah, we said, hedgehog cafe! We looked it up, and it’s basically what it sounds like.

There is a place in Tokyo called HARRY, and it’s a cafe where you can go hang out with adorable hedgehogs.

According to their website, “‘HARRY’ is a place where you can get in touch with cute little hedgehogs.” They continue, saying, “It is the space to get in touch with and befriend a hedgehog. Try to gently feel the softness of hedgehog. Lovely eyes, little hands and legs, fluffy stomach but tingly back, their cuteness could make you so amazed that sometimes you need to pinch yourself.” Oh, we definitely need to pinch ourselves just from learning that this exists!

They have self-serve drinks and hedgehogs to make you smile. For only $10-$20 depending on the popularity of the time, you can hang out with these cuties for 30 minutes.

That sounds like our kind of tourist stop. We only wish there was one closer to home!