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Kim Kardashian West travels about 938,475 times a year (we’re guesstimating here), whether it’s for business in Dubai or play in Turks and Caicos — so if the super-celeb has any packing tips to share, you know we’ll be listening.

Luckily for us, that’s exactly what happened. The business mogul and mother of three recently posted on her eponymous app what she always has in her carry-on bag, and we’re definitely taking notes. Scroll through to see and shop KKW’s carry-on must-haves.

Slip for Beauty Sleep Silk Travel Set

Credit: Bloomingdale's

Benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase include reduced bedhead and split ends, retained facial moisture, less wrinkles, and more. Thanks to this travel set (mini pillow and sleep mask included), you can catch beauty sleep on the go!

Adidas Women’s Originals Knee High Socks

Credit: Amazon

Even though KKW is admittedly one of those travels-in-heels kinds of people, she always has socks packed in her bag. Her tip: Choose a lightweight pair that’s easy to pack.

Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Throw

Credit: Nordstrom

Listen: Airports and airplanes are cold. And those flimsy, sometimes provided, complimentary plane blankets? Terrible. KKW knows — that’s why she always packs her own and has been doing so with this exact throw for “years.”

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

Credit: Sephora

A hydrating mask that’s a Sephora best-seller and Jessica Alba-approved? That there is enough to persuade us into clicking “add to cart.” Now Kim Kardashian has professed her love for this moisturizing facemask that she swears by for every long flight, and, OK, sold.

Sparitual Cuti Cocktail Cuticle Oil Pen and Pusher

Credit: SkinStore

If you’re looking to keep up with your mani while on the go, then might we let Kim Kardashian introduce to you this handy-dandy cuticle pen that dispenses hydrating cuticle oil without getting messy? You can thank her later.

Unfortunately the pen is sold out everywhere (that’s the power of KKW), but you can shop the brand in the link above, or shop a similar product here.

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