Rachel Charlene Lewis
January 30, 2017 6:09 pm
Tom Scott / www.youtube.com

Meet the awesome and confusing Elia, a work of art in Denmark that has everyone biting their nails. Like, really, everyone. Because this sculpture in Denmark is actually the most FRUSTRATING thing to watch! Created by artist Ingvar Cronhammar, the artwork sometimes spouts flame… sometimes. We typically go for soothing art, because, well, who wants to get stressed out by art? But we just can’t stop watching this live art video.

You seriously have to watch this sculpture in Denmark for yourself. It’s so, so strange! We want to look away so badly but we just can’t make ourselves!

Agh! We know we’re not the only ones gritting our teeth right now. YouTuber Tom Scott explains that Ingvar Cronhammar is quite famous for these strange art pieces, explaining in the video,

The entire set-up is pretty eerie. It’s definitely not the sort of artwork we’d, like, use to decorate our living spaces. Especially because it makes us pretty darn angry if we watch it for too long.

So what makes this work of art such a pain to look at?

Scott explains,

Yeah, basically if you’re the kind of person who likes their art to be relaxing, or the least bit calming, look away! We’ll never get over this stressful creation. Why, Cronhammar, why?!