Credit: Marvel

Book your plane tickets and and pack your bags, we’re heading to Hong Kong for the opening of the new Iron Man ride at the Hong Kong Disneyland. Okay, so we’re not ~really~ going (only in our dreams), we’re super excited for it and very jealous that it isn’t opening in the U.S.

While the ride won’t officially open until January 11, 2017, it recently had its soft opening for and is apparently worth all the hype and then some. Rob and Elissa of Theme Parks Review got a preview of the ride during a recent trip to Hong Kong, coincidentally around the time of the soft opening. Theme Park Review made an amazing video documenting the attraction — so, you know, ride spoilers ahead.

The ride is a landmark for Disney as it is the first Marvel ride at ANY Disney theme park. But seeing how crucial Iron Man was to the formation of the now iconic Marvel movie franchise, we’re not surprised to see Iron Man become this first landmark.

According to Disney Parks, the ride, called the Iron Man Experience, takes riders over the skies of Hong Kong with Iron Man as he battles forces of Hydra. Umm, sign us up!

Samuel Lau, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is excited for the ride to bring Marvel into Disney Parks.

We love the idea of bringing Marvel to Disney Parks and can’t wait to see the success it brings over in Hong Kong. Before we know it, maybe we’ll get one in Orlando!