Priscilla Blossom
Updated August 19, 2016 10:30 am

Diapers. Plush animals. Teething toys in various shapes. Cute onesies with pictures of puppies on them. These are the sorts of things that most babies are gifted when they’re born. But one special little girl is being given the gift of travel — specifically, one-million flight miles from Cebu Pacific Air after she was born unexpectedly on a plane.

Baby Haven was born on August 14th while on board a flight from Dubai to Manila. The future jet-setter was a complete surprise as her mommy wasn’t expecting to go into labor for another month or so. Passenger Missy Berberabe Umandal was aboard the same plane and reported it to Facebook.

“The lady started having contractions mid-flight, about 5 hours in going to the Philippines,” Missy’s recounting of the story begins. She mentions how people on the flight came together to help the mom, from the flight attendants, to two passengers who just happened to (fortunately) be nurses, to others who had extra baby clothes to donate to the newborn. How awesome and heart-warming is that?

Even better, Cebu Pacific Air then announced that their precious new cargo would be awarded 1,000,000 Get Go Points for their airline, which she would be free to share with her family, and which would never expire. Sounds like this little girl is starting life on the right flight — er, foot.

The plane wound up making an early stop in India to make sure mom and baby both got the proper medical care they needed. Shortly after the exciting incident, Cebu Pacific Air posted to their Twitter letting everyone know that young Haven and her mama were both recovering just fine.

This isn’t the first time we report about a baby born mid-flight. Last year a woman went into labor on a flight from Bali to California, and somehow managed not to wake any of the other passengers. Talk about some super-strong mamas and lucky little babies!