It’s time to start practicing your patronuses because the next time you visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Japan, you could encounter a dementor. That’s right, dementors are the newest attraction to hit the Harry Potter park in Osaka.

The dementors will be joining a nighttime show — think Disney’s Magic Kingdom nighttime spectacular — in a fireworks show over Hogwarts and the Black Lake. The new addition would show dementors patrolling around Hogwarts in the vein of The Prisoner of Azkaban. Not going to lie, this sound both terrifying and exciting. However this isn’t the first time Harry Potter World Osaka has featured allies of Voldemort.

Back in the fall, for their nighttime shows around Halloween, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Osaka featured another creepy surprise guest, DEATH EATERS! In the show, Death Eaters attacked Hogwarts so visitors got to feel like they were visiting ~during~ an invasion of Hogwarts. Seriously, we need to book tickets to visit this park.

Harry Potter World Hollywood announced in January that it would be opening its own nighttime firework show so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it has the elaborate theatrics of it’s Osaka counterpart. Additionally, while there’s been no official word on a nighttime show opening at Universal Studios in Orlando the park has been rumored to be gearing up for its own spectacular show.

We can’t wait to see the parks roll out their nighttime shows because the universe of Harry Potter is so wide-ranging and elaborate, there is so much potential for magical theatrics. In the meantime, we’ll be practicing our spells to ward of dementors.