Kenya Foy
Updated Dec 05, 2016 @ 6:17 am
Credit: Daily Video /

And the award for doggie defender of the year goes to this guy who saved a dog from a kangaroo attack in Australia. The Daily Mail reports that an actual human with more courage in a single clenched fist than most was riding through the Aussie Outback when he spotted a kangaroo with a dog in a headlock. Now, we’ve heard of kangaroos that love to hug their keepers, but we can assure you that this was no friendly embrace.

In the clip that appears to have been pulled from a TV show, the man can be heard telling the dog Max to “come here” before exiting his vehicle and charging towards the kangaroo. At that point, the ‘roo releases the dog from the tight squeeze and instantly squares up against the man as if fighting humans is just another day in the life of a bush animal.

The footage has been shared on social media millions of times and it’s absolutely surreal:

Needless to say, this man probably won’t be hitting the beach with a kangaroo anytime soon.

We’re honestly not sure what would’ve happened to the poor dog if this angelic animal savior hadn’t approached the kangaroo at that very scary moment, but we’re grateful he was brave enough to do so.